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About GICA

Established in 1965, GICA is a public instutution gathering the Tunisian industries involved in fruit, vegetable and fish processing sectors, under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and trade.

GICA is managed by a board of directors representing the public administration, the national organization of growers and the national organization of processors and exporters.

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GICA manager of the label

The Tunisian Group for the Canned Food Industries (GICA) was designed by the 'National Commission for The Quality Label' as the body of management and technical assistance for companies, to ensure compliance with the label requirements.

GICA manages the "food Quality Label" by ensuring the following missions:

  • The establishment and improvement of specifications
  • Technical assistance to the processing companies
  • Implementation of a marketing policy
  • Monitoring of the certified products and the right to use of the logo. 
  • Performing chemical, physical and stability tests in its accredited laboratory.

For now, seven companies has awarded the label: 


Last updated 26/05/17
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